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 "We canít recommend Henderson Ranch highly enough. You will not find a more caring facility to board your horses. This stable has a beautiful location, well maintained facilities, miles of trails and the highest quality feeds. But the stableís biggest asset is Cindy Henderson herself. She personally feeds and monitors each horse and is concerned about every aspect of their physical and mental health. Cindy will work with you to create the best possible experience for you and your horse." -Dan and Lee Dolan

Here are a few comments made by boarders and regular visitors of the ranch:

"Wow, you have the cleanest waters Iíve ever seen." -Marcia S.
"Your porta potty is always so clean and fresh smelling." -Cindy L.
"I love that the stalls drain so well during the rainy season." -Andrea C.
"If people knew you there would be a waiting list a mile long to get in here." -Lee D.
"I love how clean and picked-up everything is." -Mary M.
"There are not nearly as many flies here as there are at most boarding stables." -Jeff Y.
"Itís so peaceful and quiet here. I just love to come up and hang-out with my horses." -Karen H.
"Cindy, you are the real deal. You really care about these horses. If I know of anyone looking to board their horse I will recommend Henderson Ranch." -Larry F.
"I can go on vacation for weeks and not even think about my horses because I know they are being well cared for." -Betsy M.
"If I were a horse, Iíd want to live here." -Kandy A.
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Big Boy
Canada and Angel
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"We have had my horse/horses with Cindy at Henderson Ranch for over 2 years now and I couldn't think of a better or safer place for them. I have boarded at other ranches in the past but have never felt the same sense of security and well being for my horse as I do with Cindy, I know that he has excellent care everyday whether I am there or not.
Thanks Cindy!"  Janice Thompson
Molly and Bert
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